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Tue Aug 20 09:46:42 EST 1996

Dear Tox Fans,

Academic press has compiled an impressive listing of the table of contents,
abstracts and, in some cases, entire articles for viewing and downloading.
Their home page is at http://www.apnet.com/. For example, the journals
Bioorganic Chemistry, Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety, Fish &
Shellfish Immunology,         Fundamental and Applied Toxicology, Journal
of Food Composition and Analysis,          Pesticide Biochemistry and
Physiology, Pharmacological Research, Pulmonary Pharmacology, Regulatory
Toxicology and Pharmacology, and Waste Management & Research are found
under the "Toxicology and Pharmacology" subheading. These journals and many
more can be accessed (free of charge!) by using the guest passwords as
described in the instructions.

The instructions for downloading the Adobe Acrobat Reader software (in PC,
Mac, and Unix flavors - also free!) can be found at this site. This
software is used by your computer to print the pages with graphics, photos,
etc. as they appear in the journal.

Happy surfing,


Dr. Charles A. Miller
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