Inhalation Testing - Any Good Labs?

Terry Ludwig terlud at netzone.com
Fri Aug 16 00:38:32 EST 1996

    I am looking for a good testing lab to have some Inhalation (DOT) Testing 
done.  There is a problem.....

    Most of the labs we've contacted do just fine on Organic compounds, but 
mine is an Inorganic, and Volatile *mixture*.  This seems to confuse the 
dickins out of them.  

    Specifically, I have a Sulfide dissolved in a concentrated NH4OH solution. 
 Both the H2S and the NH3 will volatilize, but the H2S to a much less degree.

    If you know of any Testing Labs that have experience with *INORGANIC* 
compounds, I would appreciate a post or an e-mail.   Thanx.

     Terry L.  <terlud at netzone.com>


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