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Tue Dec 3 20:32:34 EST 1996

> >I also remember from a not so distant Toxicology lecture, something
> >similiar, so I delved into my notes and Leonard's Fundamentals of
> >Psycopharmacology(1992) and Timbrells "Principals of Biochemical
> >toxicology"(1991)

> In <3293C540.4FA0 at Ifn-magdeburg.de> Christopher Hatton
> <Hatton at Ifn-magdeburg.de> writes: 
> >
> >n-methyl-4-phenyl-pyridinium, is the contaminate and the metabolite
> MPP+
> >is the neurotoxin and destroys dopamine preoducing cells.  Leonard
> >speculates that herbicides may produce the same symptoms.  I myself
> >would go along with that and now I would sugges that metabolites in
> >small concetration would cross blood brain barrier after
> >biotransformation by Cyto. P450's on the endothelia cells. (haven't
> >any proof mind) 

Ann Campbell replied:

> +++++++++++++++++++++OHMYGOD, no proof!!! A thinking person!!>

I've been called many things in my life but never a thinking person,
I'll lurk on the newsgroup but no promises of full scale interaction
as I'm not familiar with the area. 
I've given my brain to Neuroscience, may as well give my body and soul

also, cos there's bugger all life left in either.


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