Parkinsons-ADD(was Pesticides)

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Tue Dec 3 20:59:09 EST 1996

In <32A4D4B2.6993 at ifn-magdeburg.de> Chris Hatton
<hatton at ifn-magdeburg.de> writes: 
>> >I also remember from a not so distant Toxicology lecture, something
>> >similiar, so I delved into my notes and Leonard's Fundamentals of
>> >Psycopharmacology(1992) and Timbrells "Principals of Biochemical
>> >toxicology"(1991)
>> In <3293C540.4FA0 at Ifn-magdeburg.de> Christopher Hatton
>> <Hatton at Ifn-magdeburg.de> writes: 
>> >
>> >n-methyl-4-phenyl-pyridinium, is the contaminate and the metabolite
>> MPP+
>> >is the neurotoxin and destroys dopamine preoducing cells.  Leonard
>> >speculates that herbicides may produce the same symptoms.  I myself
>> >would go along with that and now I would sugges that metabolites in
>> >small concetration would cross blood brain barrier after
>> >biotransformation by Cyto. P450's on the endothelia cells. (haven't
>> >any proof mind) 
>Ann Campbell replied:
>> +++++++++++++++++++++OHMYGOD, no proof!!! A thinking person!!>
>I've been called many things in my life but never a thinking person,
>I'll lurk on the newsgroup but no promises of full scale interaction
>as I'm not familiar with the area. 
>I've given my brain to Neuroscience, may as well give my body and soul
>also, cos there's bugger all life left in either.
> Please note that these views are my own and not those of my employer
Thanks, Chris!
I just wanted to turn to someone who I imagine might be able to 
know if there's any reason why DL-Phenylanaline is supposed to be
helpful as a dietary supplement for Parkinson's and ADD.  There were
other things too, we go back and forth on. The other thing I was 
wondering about is co-enzymes or co-factors that help  human growth
hormone do its thing.  My understanding (from a book I have around
the house here) is that the co-thingy is not yet identified.  There
was/is  a side effect of Ritalin-growth supression in children. 
Ritalin is the most commonly prescribed stimulent medication for ADD.
The existence of that side effect is debated. They did test for levels
of Growth hormone and they were normal.  But I'm thinking what about
the co-factor?  If its unknown then the test is not really valid.
    The growth hormone thing is the least of the problems with ADD.
I don't really even care about that one. The thing is that some 
sales pitches have been made for nutritional supplements claiming
to have benefits for ADD types.  I think there is a lot of "snake oil"
being sold, but at the same time I want to learn about the
possibilities of whats out there.  Purdue University is doing a study
of children with ADD and possible links to low levels of essential
fatty acids.  I just know that there is a more direct approach to
treating ADD than using central nervous stimulants.  Is anybody
working on this that you know of?
    I don't really expect a reply, and I know I'm being pushy.  I'm
sorry, its just that this is very fustrating for us. Last post here,
promise.  Thanks, Ann

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