Mineral neutron activation

Antonio Quiñones aq12 at cornell.edu
Wed Dec 4 09:59:43 EST 1996

It's my understanding that, upon irradiation of humans with neutrons 
(purposefully or by accident), the minerals in the body (Ca2+, for 
example) will be activated and will emit radiation in their decay 
(if this is incorrect please do correct me.  I am also assuming that 
neutron activation is the only way to activate minerals by 

My questions:

Q.1.)	Does anyone have a list of the predominant minerals in 
the human body that would become activated upon irradiation with 

Q.2.)	What are the half-lives of these activated minerals?

Q.3.)	Could these internal emissions (from the activated 
minerals in decay) be detected at the surface of the individual's 

Many thanks

Antonio Quiñones
aq12 at cornell.edu

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