Head lice and Organo-phosphates.

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: >I live at a boarding school which my wife and daughter attend for various
: >reasons. For some time there has been a head-louse infestation, treated
: >with Organo-phosphates. I'm very unhappy with two aspects of this. 
: >The use of these particular chemicals in the first place and the
: >ineffective piece-meal methods employed.
: >Please can anyone advise as to alternative treatments and procedures?
: >-- 
: >Tony Halmarack =*= Tony at halmarax.demon.co.uk

: Two alternatives currently in use in US (may be others, but these are common):

: 1. Nix (permethrin):paralyzes lice by disrupting sodium channels in nerve 
: cells.  Also ovicidal, persists in hair.  Ususally only requires one 
: treatment at 1% for lice, higher for scabies.  Shampoo, rinse, towel dry, 
: apply 1% solution, leave on for 10 min,rinse.  We used this at Children's 
: Hospital in Columbus OH for a patient discovered to have lice.  Adverse 
: effects usually limited to itching, stinging, or numbness in a small % of 
: patients.

: 2. Kwell (lindane):  kills adult lice, some ovicidal activity.  More side 
: effects, some resistance known.  Adverse effects due to absorption through 
: skin, secondary to too frquent application, prolonged application.

: In addition, bedding and clothes, esp hats, all need to be cleaned.  To my 
: understanding, regular detergents will do the job, but I am not sure about 
: that.  "Personal articles can be disinfested by washing in hot water and/or 
: drying using the hot cycle of the dryer.  Eggs are killed after five minutes 
: at 51.5 C, or 30 minutes at 49.5 C; adults succumb to slightly lower 
: temperatures.  Combs can be disinfested by soaking for one hour in Lysol 
: (saponated cresol solution) or heating in water to about 60 C for 5-10 min.  
: Clothing or bedding that cannot be washed should be dry cleaned or selaed in a 
: plastic bag for two weeks.  Thorough vacuuming will suffice for living 
: quarters.

: Malathion is the only organophosphate allowed for this use in the US, is one o 
: fthe least toxic OP preparation, and is more ovicidal than Nix or Kwell.  Odor 
: is objectionable, and the lotion is flammable-no cigarretes, please!

: Source:American Medical Association Drug Evaluations Annual 1995

: Brian Hiestand
: MED 3
: OSU College of Medicine

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