Head lice and Organo-phosphates.

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>I thought that lindane was not recommended for use in children. In fact, I
>thought that it was being phased out, if not completly banned. 

>Nix usually does the job is is much less toxic than either an
>organophosphate or lindane. But be careful, studies in rats have shown
>pyrethroids to be much more toxic to young animals than to older ones. 

>susan Sharpe
>Carrboro, NC

Nix is the one in use where I am currently at.  Greater ovicidal activity, 
less toxicity, less resistance than lindane.  I do not know of lindane being 
banned by the FDA, I thought they were too busy taking on Newt Gingrich and 
the Marlboro Man  :-}  If anyone has a specific reference for the use of 
lindane in kids, please post.  As for pyrethroids (NIX) in rats, I am curious 
as to dose, route, duration of exposure, and type of toxicity.  Remember, 
we're talking ten minutes on the scalp for common use.

Anyway, always willing to learn something new...
Brian Hiestand

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