Head lice and Organo-phosphates.

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Thu Dec 12 16:07:15 EST 1996

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Tony at halmarax.demon.co.uk (Tony Halmarack)Sun, 08 Dec 1996
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]I live at a boarding school which my wife and daughter attend for various
]reasons. For some time there has been a head-louse infestation, treated
]with Organo-phosphates. I'm very unhappy with two aspects of this.
]The use of these particular chemicals in the first place and the
]ineffective piece-meal methods employed.
]Please can anyone advise as to alternative treatments and procedures?
]Tony Halmarack =*= Tony at halmarax.demon.co.uk

Don't forget to clean....clean.....clean....

But for the head, I have heard that using _skin so soft_ or tea
tree oil shampoo is variably effective.

compliance is a toughie especially when one can't control the
school environment.

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