drugs or vitamin contamination, poisoning, tampering

Fabrizio Agostini fabrizioagostini at fi.flashnet.it
Fri Dec 27 11:31:22 EST 1996

I am searching useful information on products, over the counter drugs 
like vitamins and prescription drugs related to tampering, contamination 
and poisoning.

If You have any relevent information or if You found a patient or if you 
took vitamins or other products or drugs and have suspect that is 
contaminated please contact me via e-mail.

In Your reply please make description of symptoms, kind of product, 
dosage, expiration date, name of the product and of the producer.

Any doctor that read this message and have patients with equilibrium 
problems (vertigins), liver problems, hearth problems or problems not 
well correlable with reported sympotms or that may resemble panic attacs 
or other not well defined diseases is invited to contact me via e-mail.

Thank You!

Fabrizio Agostini

fabrizioagostini at fi.flashnet.it

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