Toxicity of Cadmium to Aquatic macroinvertebrates.

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Thu Feb 1 08:23:58 EST 1996

On Mon, 29 Jan 1996, Henry L. Griffith wrote:

> I am currently taking a graduate class in toxicology, in which we have to do a 
> 5 year literature review of an assigned topic.  I was assigned the topic 
> "Cadmium Toxicity:  Effects and Mechanisms".  I would like to narrow the topic 
> to aquatic macroinvertebrates, but have run into limited searching abilities 
> in our library.  If any one has some suggestions as to good quality articles 
> pertaining to this topic, I would greatly appreciate any suggestions or 
> references.  I do have access to interlibrary loans, but limited to Current 
> Contents for database searching.  
> I have found some information in the Current Contents, but am looking for 
> specifics on effects and mechanisms.  Any help would be appreciated.
> Thanks, 
> H.L. Griffith
> Columbus College
>The first place to start is the USEPA Water Quality Criteria document 
for cadmium, that's going to have lots of references, some of which will 
be for macroinvertebrates.  To cover lots of territory, the AQUIRE 
database is the best way to go.  However, if that is not possible than 
look at two journals, "Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry" and 
"Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology" (I think that's 
the right title).  A large majority of environmental toxicology papers 
will be published in these 2 journals.

Clements et al. has done quite a bit of very good work on metals and 
benthic macroinvertebrates both at Virginia Polytechnic and Colorado 
State and there are several papers on the subject.

Good luck.

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