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I am looking for any one who has done animal studies or has a human case comparable to, that could pinpoint the following effects and/or a combination of these effects, that have been seen in a case involving the congenital defects diagnosed in a now 5 year old female.
Here are the following features:
	Cerebellar vermis hypoplasia
	cerebellar hypoplasia
	mental retardation
	dysmorphic features: small face, thick ears deep set eyes, right eye epicanthal fold, slightly small jaw
	narrow palate
	neurosensorial hearing loss
The mother worked in an ink factory involving many chemicals and had acute and chronic exposures. What seem to be the main focus in chemical exposure involves Toluene and many types of Glycol’s. 

Layperson description:

I am looking for anyone who may know of or has a friend or family member with the following congenital defect.
These descriptions are the following:
	Small head
	mentally retarded
	unsteady gait or walking
	uncontrollable (spastic) movements (jerky)
	deep set eyes
	small mouth
	and the inside of the back part of the brain being described as too small
	thick ears 
	hearing loss

The child’s mother worked in an ink factory and was exposed long term and acutely to many chemicals one would find working in an ink factory including chemicals the material safety data sheets for which listed teratogenic effects The chemicals involved as the main focus of the case would be exposures to Toluene and or Glycol’s. Although, other chemicals 

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