Animal Models in Toxicology

DrJackBud drjackbud at aol.com
Sat Feb 10 13:08:22 EST 1996

First of all let me say that the Paul Whitehead post of 07Feb96 is full of
ideas, concepts and starting points for productive discourse.  I will
likely refer to it several times in my subsequent posts.

You say,

"In a sense we assess toxicity in small groups of
humans and extrapolate to populations.  In this sense a human can be
regarded as a model for the whole population.  Alternatively, the
animal is the model for humans."


"I think at this stage we should agree a definition of the word
'model'.  The Oxford Concise does not appear to have one relevant to
this thread."

Let us make the distinction between a "model" as a surrogate as opposed to
a selected segment of a population.  Let me propose that a "model" would
be used to move from one population to another e.g., an animal species to
represent another animal species (humans).  Whereas, within a species, a
"segment" of the population would represent rather that stand as a
surrogate.  If, for the purposes of our discussions, we can agree that a
"model" is trans-species and a "segment" is intra-species, then we should
have a clearer dialog; it may not be correct but we stand a better chance
of understanding the issues and each other, as well.

Any comments from observers????

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