Help wanted: probit slopes.

MEVATEC mevatec at aol.com
Sun Feb 11 10:07:57 EST 1996

I'm interested in talking to anyone who has knowledge of real probit slope
values for any toxic agent.  My limited research indicates that most
studies just deal with the LD50 and rarely bother with the probit slope
(the standard deviation equivalent in the log-normal probability
distribution between dose and probability of effect).  I'm in particular
looking for "real" values used in the pesticide industry for chemicals,
and any values that are used for projecting lethal or severe
incapacitation effects on humans due to chemicals or toxins or
bacterial/viral diseases.  My own studies often address the probit slope
parametrically, and I would like to correspond with someone who uses
experimentally derived values.

Jay Willis
Alexandria, VA

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