Animal Models in Toxicology

Paul Whitehead p.whitehead at dial.pipex.com
Tue Feb 13 12:13:58 EST 1996

drjackbud at aol.com (DrJackBud) wrote:

>Someone, anyone - help Whitehead and myself.  There must be a better
>reason for doing toxicological investigations and research other than for
>"regulatory authority demands".  Otherwise, why try to develop models?

>Some of you toxicologists surely must have some thoughts that would help
>Whithead and myself???

OK, before the men in white coats arrive, I don't want to overstate my
case or appear unduly cynical.  We have to live in the real world and
very few of us have the luxury of operating under a culture of 'pure
sience and fact'.  I believe that the regulatory systems developed
post thalidomide have done more good than harm.  The loss of a few
potentially valuable therapeutic entities is a small price to pay to
reduce substantially the risk of mass human poisoning.

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