Cadmium mechanism

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>>>There could be something in value in this question re cadmium toxicity
>>>related to the ongoing discussion of animal models.  For example in those
>>>"many other papers" in addition to the one you cite, do you know if anyone
>>>addressed the issue of animal model as being relevant to human exposures
>>>to cadmium?  If it was done, their rationale would be a valuable
>>>contribution to the animal model discussion.
>>>John A. Budny

John -
	No.  There were never any papers that I have seen that address the issue of the animal model as being relevant to human exposures to cadmium.  I believe that most researchers understand that it is typically quite a leap to relate animal exposures to human.  While they may share some similarities in the mechanisms or site of action of Cd, the response and concentrations to elicit a response are often quite different.


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