Cadmium mechanism

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Jim.Laughlin at metrokc.gov ("Laughlin, Jim") writes:

>	A good paper that discusses the mechanism is:
>Foulkes, E.C. 1989. On the mechanism of cellular cadmium uptake.  Biol.
>Trace Element Res. 21:195-200.
>There are also many other papers relating to cadmium toxicity, too
>to mention here.

There could be something in value in this question re cadmium toxicity
related to the ongoing discussion of animal models.  For example in those
"many other papers" in addition to the one you cite, do you know if anyone
addressed the issue of animal model as being relevant to human exposures
to cadmium?  If it was done, their rationale would be a valuable
contribution to the animal model discussion.


John A. Budny

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