cadmium mechanism (RE: Animal Models)

John Budny jabudny at earthlink.net
Mon Feb 19 10:53:50 EST 1996

ahstern at EOHSI.RUTGERS.EDU (Alan Stern) wrote:
>Jim Laughlin wrote that he did not think that there were any animal
>models for cadmium toxicity.
>I may be missing the context of this discussion, but Friberg's CRC book (I
>beleive that the title is "Cadmium in the Environment"  presents detailed
>discussions of rodent models for cadmium nephrotoxicity, which look to be a
>pretty good model for the similar adverse effect in humans.  
>Alan Stern, Dr.P.H., D.A.B.T.

Why would rodent models for dadmium nephrotoxicity be a "good model" for 
the similar adverse effects in humans?  If we can sort out why 
toxicologists feel that the rodents are good models for cadmium toxicity 
in humans, then I think we may have something substantial to contribute 
to the discussion on animal models.

John A. Budny

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