Occupational Exposure

guesty public at interalpha.co.uk
Fri Feb 23 16:18:25 EST 1996

Can anybody out there help ?

I have been diagnosed as suffering from the effects of 'Occupational
Exposure' and I am attempting to gather any relevant information that
may show that there is a link between my previous working environment
and my deteriorating health.

I am particularly interested to hear from anyone who has experienced
any other or similar adverse side effects from working with the
following materials and/or substances, and who may hold specific
information, both technical and non-technical, that could prove to be
of interest.  In addition, any newspaper articles or journals that may
have been published in relation to this subject:

	Frekote 44 N.C. (Mould Releasing Interface) 'Non-cloroflorocarbon'
	Kevlar 'pre-preg' (epoxy-resin based fabric)
	Trichloroethyene (Industrial cleaning agent)
	Carbon Fibre 'pre-preg (epoxy-resin based fabric)
	Genklene (Industrial cleaning agent)
	Nomex (Honeycombe core)

Symptoms: (during and since exposure)

	Sarcoidosis '87
	Cough & sore throat '87 - '91
	Various unknown skin rashes '88 - current
	General chemical and environmental sensitivities '89 - current.
	Symptoms of, or similar to, 'Chronic Fatigue Syndrome ?' 
 	'95 - current.

This is my first time on the Internet and I find myself somewhat
overwhelmed by it's sheer magnitude and the wealth of information that
it holds.

I find that, on occasion, the information that you seek can be rather
like looking for a needle in a haystack, and in view of this, I would
be greatful for any suggestions as to where I might look for this
specific type of information.

Please Note: Sites that I have knowledge of are: NIOSH, ATSDR, OSHA,
HAZDAT, and the only information that I currently hold are the MS_DS
sheets for Frekote 44.

Regards Ron.

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