Info Request -- Multiple Chemical Exposure (including methanol) in transit bus workplace

Bigcat davlef at city.medicine-hat.ab.ca
Tue Feb 27 12:33:24 EST 1996

Can anyone out there help me?  I work for a municipality that maintained 
a fleet of methanol-powered transit buses for many years.  About a year 
ago, some of the drivers and mechanics formed the belief that they were 
suffering adverse health effects related to their workplace exposure to  
methanol.  Conventional medical testing revealed no cause and effect 
relationship.  However, a recent report from a physician retained by 
these workers (who has apparently studied the phenomenon of multiple 
chemical exposure) indicates that the workers are indeed suffering from 
their workplace exposure to methanol, and to other pollutants which have 
brought about what the report describes as a condition of "metabolic 

We need someone who can provide critical peer review of this report, and 
perhaps conduct independent testing of the individuals involved.  My name 
is David Leflar, I work for the City of Medicine Hat legal department, 
and I would appreciate direct e-mail response at 
davlef at city.medicine-hat.ab.ca

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