NH3 and trout (eggs) - need refs please

Laughlin, Jim Jim.Laughlin at metrokc.gov
Wed Feb 28 13:04:39 EST 1996

Kevin -
	Sorry it took me so long to respond to you but here are some references
that you might find useful.

Rice, Stanley D. and Robert M. Stokes.  1975.  Acute toxicity of ammonia
to several developmental stages of rainbow trout, Salmo gairdneri. 
Fishery Bulletin: vol 73, no.1.

J.F. de L.G. Solbe and D.G. Shurben.  1989.  Toxicity of ammonia to
early life stages of rainbow trout (Salmo gardneri).  Wat. Res., Vol.
23, No.1, pp. 127-129.

This should help you get started.  If I can be of further help let me

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>>>From: kevley at maths.tcd.ie
>>>To: toxicol at net.bio.net
>>>Subject: NH3 and trout (eggs) - need refs please
>>>Date: Monday, February 19, 1996 9:27AM
>>>			Kevin Crowley
>>>			Dept. of Zoology,
>>>			Trinity College
>>>			Dublin 2, Ireland
>>>			e-mail: kevley at maths.tcd.ie
>>>Hi all,
>>>I'm doing my undergrad thesis on the effect of ammonia on
>>>brown trout eggs, in relation to legal requirements on water
>>>quality. I would appreciate if anyone could send me references
>>>they are aware of, as I can't find much literature on this.
>>>Also, if anyone has access to a toxicology CD-ROM, I would be
>>>most grateful if they could search for any abstracts on the
>>>Kevin Crowley

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