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Physiology of mouse is not well studied because of the lack of 
device to measure physiological parameters. Cardiac output is one 
of the important parameters in assessing cardiovascular 
parameters in response to drug. In addition, the effect of 
different gene expression related to cardiovascular abnormalities 
can be carried out in transgenic mice. We have measured cardiac 
output in mice by following thermodilution technique using 
cardiac output computer. The computer can measure heart rate, 
blood pressure and stroke volume and cardiac output 
simultaneously. In order to get the cardiac output, scientists 
need to put catheter in jugular vein and temperature probe in 
carotid artery in anesthetized mice. In order to get blood 
pressure, they need to catheterize femoral artery. If you need 
more information, please provide your street address, I will mail 
you all necessary information.

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