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Diffusive function of lung is one of the important parameters in 
respiration research. Gas exchange across the lung is altered in 
different pathological conditions such as in pulmonary fibrosis 
and in other obstructive and restrictive diseases. Exposure to 
radiation also causes altered lung function. Scientists have been 
using mice and transgenic mice for establishing the effects 
some respiration related gene expression on respiratory function 
in mice. We have developed a technique to measure lung function 
in mice by carbon monoxide uptake method. Although the carbon 
monoxide uptake in mammals is dependent on the rate of alveolar 
ventilation and the diffusive function of lung epithelium, the 
measurement of carbon monoxide uptake can be used as an important 
parameter in screening the impairment of lung function caused by 
radiation, environmental polutants and toxic and irritable 
inhalant. If you are interested in measuring diffusive function 
of lung in laboratory animals, please provide your address and I 
will send you all necessary information.

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