Radiolabelled TCDD

Simon Cowell scowell at uvic.ca
Mon Jul 29 16:43:32 EST 1996

I was hoping to get some help from someone out there.  I am 
expressing the aryl hydrocarbon (Dioxin) receptor in insect 
cells and want to study its binding to a number of known 
ligands and potential ligands in complex mixtures.  To check 
the activity of the expressed protein through the Ni-NTA 
purification scheme I was hoping to use radiolabelled TCDD.  
However, I am having extreme difficulty obtaining any.  I would 
prefer to work with tritiated or 14-C labelled 2,3,7,8-TCDD 
rather than radioiodinate as some labs do.  Can anyone help me 
get a hold of some ? 

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