Snake venom is related to ATP/Tpx-1 domain.

Tseng-Yuan chang ls01 at NDMC1.NDMCTSGH.EDU.TW
Sat Jun 1 02:23:41 EST 1996

Dear Sir,

Recently, I have found the new DNA sequence in Taiwan habu.
This sequence is similar to androgen epididymis glycoprotein
(AEG), vespid allergins (antigen 5) and pathogenesis-related
proteins. By the way, there have two specific domains in this new
sequence. Two specific domains are related to ATP/GTP-binding
site motif A (P-loop) and mammalian testis-specific protein Tpx-1
Could someone tell me what relationships among these 
proteins can suggest the function of this new sequence of Taiwan 

Your prompt reply would be appreciated.

Yours sincerely,
Tseng-Yuan Chang

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