multispecies toxicity testing

John Budny jabudny at earthlink.net
Sat Jun 1 23:44:40 EST 1996

bierkenj at vito.be (Johan Bierkens) wrote:
>Hi, I am currently writing a survey on what is already known and has already 
>been done in the field of multispecies toxicity assessment (and possible 
>biological quality indices derived from them) I would appreciate receiving 
>information or references on this topic. My particular interest is in the 
>field of soil contamination, but I would be happy receiving references on 
>multispecies testing in any other environmental compartment.
>Thanks for you help!
  I don't know if you've been following this newsgroup but there was an 
extensive discussion in February about animal models.  You might want to 
check the bionet archives.  Secondly, there was an excellent paper given 
at the SOT Meeting this past March by  A. Fairbrother entitled "Critical 
Attributes of Animal Models Used to Evaluate Ecotoxicologic Effects/Risks 
in Wildlife".  You might want to do a literature search with Fairbrother 
as an Author search.  Anne (Ibelieve) Fairbrother is at Oregon State 
university, Corvallis, Oregon.

Jack Budny
jabudny at earthlink.net

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