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Measurement of CO2 concentration in expired air from the lung per 
breath is a useful index for determining ventilatory efficiency, 
metabolic status and hypo and hyper ventilatory syndrome in 
response to the effects of testing drugs in animals. Moreover, 
the end-tidal CO2 is the most important parameter in evaluating 
the depth of anesthesia when the effects of drugs on 
physiological parameters are to be tested. Maintenance of 
constant end-tidal CO2 is necessary in some experiments involving 
surgery of anesthetized animals. The device which measure these 
parameters is called MICRO-CAPNOMETER. This device is very unique 
for end-tidal CO2 measurements in very small and large laboratory 
animals. It measures CO2 & N2O content of inspired and expired 
air while drawing as little as 5 cc/min. from the tidal flow. 
Concurrent with measurements of concentration is a calculation of 
respiration rate derived from the periodicity of the CO2 
concentration waveform. The measurement is based on low 
pressure-high velocity principle and analyzes sample gas with 
infra-red gas sensor technology. The device can be interfaced 
with IBM compatible computer via its RS-232 option to provide 
automated data collection. Analog voltages are presented 
proportional to all measured parameters for chart recording or 
connection to a computer equipped with physiological monitoring 
interface and software. If you need more information, please 
provide your street address. I will be happy to mail you more 

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