Richard Rauschmeier discover at intr.net
Tue Jun 11 16:21:54 EST 1996

Talk Live with the Authors of "Our Stolen Future."  The trio have written 
a warning that toxic chemicals may be the cause of a range of socail woes 
affecting America.  Theo Colborn is a senior scintist at the World 
Wildlife Fund.  Dumanoski is a former environmental reporter for the 
Boston Globe and John Myers is an environmental scientist and the 
director of W. Alton Jone Foundation.

The three will discuss their research,  Answer your questions in real 
time, Discuss & Debate Related Topics Live Online.  The Date is Thursday, 
June 13, 1996,  The Time is 7pm Eastern and the place is Netscape Chat 
(bbs.online.discovery.com) or AOL (keyword discovery) or RealAudio.

Feel Free to E-Mail DISCOVER at INTR.NET  or  DEW2TEMP at DISCOVERY.COM  for 
more information.

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