Rat Exercisser with humane stimulus

JAN CZEKAJEWSKI 75144.2413 at CompuServe.COM
Thu Jun 13 15:51:18 EST 1996

I developed rat exercisser/treadmill with humane stimulus (small 
container with cold water ) placed at the end of exercisse lane.
Water container is chilled by thermoelectric cooler to aprox. 
freezing point. As rat uses his tail for thermoregulation of 
body, cold water serves as a good and humane enticement to keep 
him exercissing. Exercisse belt in placed in the enclosed chamber 
and therefore simultanous measuremnts of  VO2 max. and VO2/VCO2 
are possible using gas analyzers. Smaller model for mice was also 
developed. Exercisser can be combined into multi line systems 
operated by the same electric motor. Speed and belt elevation are 
adjustable in wide range.
If you are interested in this exercisser  please e-mail your 
street address and I will send you more information.
Jan Czek
75144.2413 at compuserve.com

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