methanol toxity in case of eye-contact ?

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Andrew Grant (adgrant at water.waterw.com) writes:
> In article <6AS-0ZGHEfB at athene.sirene>, sciva13 at sirene.IN-Berlin.DE wrote:
>>my toxicologie book states, that methanol intoxication  involves bio- 
>>transformation to formic acid, and that it is supposed to be the formic  
>>acid, that ist the agent causing the actual eye-damage. In a diffenrent  
>>source (who didn't quote anything) it was supposed, that the damage of the  
>>eye (the nerv) was an effect of formaldehyd-formation and the reaction of  
>>this with the proteins in the eye. In that case, ever comparetivly small  
>>amounts of methanol in direct contact with the eye are supposed to be a  
>>risk for the sight.
>>Could anyone supply a competend source ? Or has anybody any information  
>>about the mechanisms of sight-deterioration due to methanol (any  
>          NIOSH puts out (or used to before I retired) a listing of all
> published toxicology data.  That would be my favorite starting source. 
> NIOSH also put out a series of reviews, in the 1970s, on common solvents
> like toluene and maybe also methanol - they included mechanisms as weel as
> reviews of toxicity testing and common exposures.  Another helpful source
> is a set of volumes edited by Sax called something like "Handok of
> Industrial Toxicology"  I know that methanol is covered in Sax and the
> book will probably have references to additional sources.
>          Andy Grant

Another source of information on methanol is Patty's Industrial Hygiene &
Toxicology.  The NIOSH info is contained on a database called RTECS.  This
database is accessible through CCINFO Disk, which is produced by the
Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS).  They have a
WWW site on the internet, but I don't recall their web address.
Lawrence Segal
Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA

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