Cardiac Output by thermodil.in mice

Jan Czekajewski 76220.1077 at CompuServe.COM
Thu Jun 20 22:59:16 EST 1996

We have developed method and computer for  mesuring Cardiac 
Output by thermodilution in mice and rats. Injection of cold 
indicator (in mice 20-30 ul, room temp.) is done in vena cava. 
Measurment of temperature change is donne in aortic arch. In rats 
indicator volume is 100 to 150 ul. Thermodilution microprobe is 
F1 in size for mice, F1.5 in rats. If you are interested I 
can send you description by mail. Please e-mail your street 
address as info. is in printed form. We have number of reference 
papers on use of this method and equipment.
Jan Czekajewski
Internet:76220.1077 at compuserve.com

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