Animal Models

John Budny jabudny at earthlink.net
Fri Mar 1 12:58:09 EST 1996

I received an email which was responding to the discussion thread 
on animal models recently posted in <bionet.toxicology>.  The email was 
from <emoyer at slip.net>.  I tried to respond to the sender to request that 
the sender post the email that was sent to me so that everyone who 
participated in the discussion on animal models could have the benefit of 
the good comments that I alone received.  When I tried responding to the 
sender and making that request by email, it was undeliverable - something 
was wrong with the address????

Sooooo, "emoyer" if you're out there and read this post, please consider 
posting your email that you sent to "DrJackBud at aol.com" on animal models. 
Also, would you happen to know what I couldn't send a response to your 
email?  Do I have the wrong address?

Thank you.

John A. Budny

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