Olestra - The synthetic 'fat'

Samuel J Ralph sralph at plato.ucs.mun.ca
Sat Mar 2 06:40:07 EST 1996

Hi. I'm doing a presentation on olestra for some of the graduate students in 
our Biochemistry department. Since this is a kind of informal presentation, 
I'm doing a little experiment along the way...I want to obtain all my 
reference material from the internet. Thus far, I've found loads of articles, 
but no pictures! 

If anyone has a picture of the olestra molecule (any format) that they could 
email to me or knows of a web site where I could find it, I'd really 
appreciate hearing from you.

PS: My presentation is in 2 weeks.

PPS: Do you think electronic text editors eliminate the need for post scripts?


Samuel Ralph
Marooned in Memorial's Biochemistry Department :)
My 1981 Honda CB650 -> Simple is beautiful!

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