Help needed: chemistry of alcohol addiction

Martin Auer 100571.2073 at compuserve.com
Sat Mar 23 15:42:02 EST 1996

Please help. I'm writing a book in which an alcoholic appears. Now I need 
to know what exactly happens in the body when a person drinks alcohol. 
What is the chemistry of it? Why is it addictive? Because of a similarity 
with some other substance the body really needs? Could addiction be 
described as a sort of "chemical misunderstanding"? How does addiction 
change the metabolism so that the body _needs_ alcohol after a while? Is 
there a general theory of addiction?

Maybe you could also point out some resources on the net concerning these 
questions. Although, I have tried quite a few and couldn't find anything 
to answer my questions. Probably this is something the layperson isn't 
really interested in but every doctor has to learn at medical school.

Could you please answer by e-mail?

Martin Auer, Austria

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