How many people use bionet.toxicology?

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At the end of his discussion Re: Request for Highlights of the '96 SOT Meeting
Dr. Chris Schonwalder (tesst at aol.com) wrote:

>I am looking forward to reading others' interpretation of these and other
>issues from the SOT meeting. A good idea to have this. But how many
>actively use this group? Is there any way to know?

Approximately 250 votes were cast in favor of starting this news group last
May. The creation of bionet.toxicology was announced in the newsletters of
the SOT and Mid-Atlantic SOT and in the journal "Environmental Health
Perspectives." I have counted as many as 850 readers of a single message
posted to the group (those accessing the Bionet server by WWW only). This
number does not include those (probably a larger number) who participate by
e-mail or Usenet news reader at universities. We are also seeing increasing
participation from individuals outside the USA in the toxicology forum. I
think that between 2 to 3 thousand is a reasonable estimate of the
participants with an active interest in this news group. 

I hope that this interest continues and that others will respond to the
Request for Highlights of the '96 SOT Meeting. It would be nice to have the
organizers of other tox-related meetings to both announce (it is FREE
publicity for your meeting/research area) and summarize meetings in this

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