Risk Harmonization Symposium

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Symposium:      Harmonization of State/Federal Approaches to Environmental Risk

Date:           May 20-21, 1996
Location:       Kellogg Center,  Michigan State University,  East Lansing, MI

Co-sponsored by:        Michigan Great Lakes Protection Fund
                            Michigan State University

Overview:   As environmental laws and regulations have evolved during the past
            two decades, a number of disparities have arisen in the way that
the risks of a particular chemical have been assessed and managed by different
federal and state agencies. This conference will bring together regulators from
the various arenas as well as others who have studied this problem to increase
public understanding of the issues and to make recommendations for ameliorating
the current situation. A wide range of viewpoints will be represented by the
invited participants and it is hoped that attendees will provide an even wider
spectrum of perspectives.

Principal Speakers:
        Cindy Sonich-Mullin                     David Bennett
        IPCS, World Health Organization         U.S. EPA

        Michael Bolger                          Robert Griffin
        U.S. FDA                                U.S. Dept. Agriculture

        Christopher DeRosa                      William Farland
        ATSDR                                   U.S. EPA

        Christine Chaisson                      Kathy Hughes
        Technical Assessment Systems, Inc.      Health Canada

        Arthur Bloomer                          David Wade
        Michigan Dept. Public Health            Michigan Dept. Agriculture

        Jeffrey Crum
        Michigan Dept. Environmental Quality

Symposium Information:      http://www.iet.msu.edu

        Michael Kamrin                              Phone:  (517)  353-6469
        Institute for Environmental Toxicology      FAX:    (517)  355-4603
        C-231 Holden Hall                           E-Mail:  Kamrin at msu.edu
        Michigan State University
        East Lansing,  Michigan  48824-1206

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