Arc welding and health

GKandziora at mail.corenet.net GKandziora at mail.corenet.net
Sun Mar 31 14:26:56 EST 1996

As a arc welder in a factory and the son of a father who died of cancer at age 58 from posible effects 
of smoking and PCB contamination at the factory where he worked I must say I hope someone is 
watching out for us. I never hear welders mentioned in health reports nor do I see employers or OSHA 
looking out for us. I hope if any students out there read this that if there ever was a calling its to protect 
the working environment from outside the company. Not as an employee. My dealings with OSHA, the 
EPA, and the state DNR tells me plainly that they are only doing what they must to get by, Putting it on 
paper is there job. Don't rock the boat. Someone should help and protect the workers from their own 
ignorance in health and safty matters. We work with many kinds of materials, metals, chemicals, and 
gases. I wear an air supplied welding helmet. What am I breathing, Is the filter breaking down, Is there 
Carbon dioxide comeing through. Doctors and OSHA investigators dont come around and just say hey 
you cant do that. No one knows except us .

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