Skin permeation rate of chemicals

Pourreau pourreau at aol.com
Sun Mar 31 21:37:34 EST 1996

I am looking for expert opinions on the value of in-vitro experiments vs
in-vivo radiolabeled PK studies for determining the rate of skin
permeation of chemicals.  I am particularly interested in organic solvents
such as DMSO, which is thought to have a high rate of dermal permeation.  

Despite the commonly held belief in scientific circles that DMSO "flies
through the skin"  I have been unable to find a reliable PK study to
confirm this.  I am skeptical of in vitro studies which tend to use either
cadaver skin or live epidermis. 

If you have any specific PK data on DMSO or comparisons between in-vitro
and in-vivo Kp values for the same chemical,  please let me know...

Thank you in advance for your help...

Dan P.  

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