In Vitro Toxicology Workshop Scholarships

Mr. Ken Carter kcarter at umbc.edu
Thu May 2 15:42:45 EST 1996

                American Type Culture Collection (ATCC)
                        JUNE 4-7, 1996
                Rockville, MD   workshops at atcc.org

**(2 all expense-paid scholarships to this workshop are available to
post-docs.  Please e-mail me for more information).

This four-day laboratory-intensive course proceeds in a logical manner
from basic concepts of tissue culture and toxicity testing to specialized
systems for evaluating organ-specific toxicity. There will be a special
emphasis on in vitro ocular and dermal toxicity tests which have been the
focus of much recent validation activity and are now widely used for
 topical toxicity testing. Participants will begin by setting up cultures
of a simple cell line, exposing cells to graded concentrations of a toxic
agent and performing basic cytotoxicity assays. A variety of different
cultured cell types will be available for examination. Participants will
then learn a variety of the most successful alternatives to the Draize
eye and skin tests. Ocular toxicity tests will include the hen's egg test
(HET-CAM) and the bovine corneal opacity test (BCOP). Dermal toxicity
tests will utilize trans filter cultures of human skin constructs. The
workshop will be completed by preparing and culturing liver slices using
the precision-cut slice technique. These will be used in a study of
xenobiotic-induced toxicity.

The broad hands-on experience and detailed protocols provided by this
workshop should give attendees the necessary confidence and information
to monitor or conduct these studies in their own laboratories. In
addition, there will be time for informal discussions of issues of
interest to individual participants. This workshop would most benefit
those with an immediate or foreseeable need to use in vitro methods to
address questions of toxicity or risk assessment. A familiarity with
tissue culture techniques would be useful, but is not required for
tissue culture techniques would be useful, but is not required for

Faculty: Dr. Oliver Flint (Workshop Director), Bristol-Myers/Squibb; Dr.
Joseph Sina, Merck Research Laboratories; Dr. Carol Greene, SRI
International; and Mr. Charles Noble, MSDRL-Safety Assessment, Dr. John
Harbell, Microbiological Associates.

Limited to 24 participants
FEE: $875.00
2.8 CEUs     
Please contact workshops at atcc.org for registration information and for a
copy of the full schedule.

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