Jan Czekajewski Ph.D. 75144.2413 at CompuServe.COM
Fri May 3 11:47:13 EST 1996

I appreciate Dr. Mikael Quednau who took a pain and sufferings to 
criticize my posting on Food Contamination Detector as commercial 
advertising. In my openion, the label, "commercial" or 
"scientific" is immaterial. The proper labels should be "useful" 
and "useless". I have seen many useless so called, scientific 
papers and I also used many useful commercial products in my 
research. Food contamination (caused by microorganisms) detection 
by respirometry using our RESPIROMETER was published in the 
Proceedings of 9th Congress of Food Science and Technology, held 
at Budapest in 1995 and was presented by some scientists of 
Slovenia. They have used Respirometer and established a method 
for detecting yeast (SaCCHAROMYCES CEREVISIAE) contamination in 
fruit juice. If anybody needs more information, please send me 
the street address through e-mail. I will be happy to forward 
copies of published papers on this method.

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