Should we have a FAQ posting?

Andrew J. Sonderfan sonderfa at IRIS.PROCEPT.COM
Fri May 3 17:16:34 EST 1996

As I read the messages posted in recent months, I wonder whether it would
be useful for this group to have a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Seems that a number of questions posted to this group could be easily
answered by pointing readers to some well regarded toxicology texts
(available in a University or Medical library), and to Web addresses where
reference information is available.

I'd be interested in what other readers think.  Please post to the group so
we can all follow the discussion; indicate whether you think a FAQ would be
a worthwhile addition, and what sorts of information it should include.

If there's sufficient interest, I'll work with a few others to design and
maintain the listing.

Andy Sonderfan


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