Solvent for DMBA

George L. Wolff GWOLFF at NCTR.FDA.GOV
Tue May 14 16:02:38 EST 1996

Does anyone know if trioctanoin affects tissue absorption of DMBA ?
    We did a study in the early 1980's using DMBA dissolved in corn 
oil administered by gavage to (BALB/c x VY)F1 female mice. This 
resulted in a 30-40% mammary tumor incidence (0% in untreated 
    We have just completed another study using the same protocol and 
animals as above but used trioctanoin (instead of corn oil) as a 
carrier for the DMBA. We have found extremely few mammary tumors, 
but instead quite a few lung tumors.
    Any suggestions as to possible reasons/causes for this 
discrepancy in the response to DMBA would be most welcome 
and appreciated.
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