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Most job search candidates look for jobs in exactly the reverse order that
employers look for them. For example, candidates look for posted positions
in Journals or at professional meetings or contact a "head-hunter". 
However, most employers look for candidates by asking colleagues if they
know of any suitable candidates = "networking". 

Therefore, I would recommend that you network effectively. Decide what
type of position that you would like, academic, industry, government and
the type of work you'd like to do (teaching, research, risk assessment
ect.). Then target an employer directly in that area. It is best not just
to send your CV to personel dept. Get a name, contact the person by phone
or email first. Then send along CV.

I'm trying this strategy myself.

Best of luck,


> Any advice on landing an academic position in toxicology?  I realize the 
> market is bad, but I am hopeful.  Is it safe to say that all desirable 
> positions would be listed in Science, Veterinary and Human Toxicology, or 
> SOT's newsletters?  If not, where else would one look.  I am looking for 
> a position in a major research institution.
> Thanks,
> Gary W. Miller, Ph.D.
> Emory University School of Medicine

John Richburg
Dept. Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
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