Toxic substances as a cause for EPILEPSY?

phanley at warwick.net phanley at warwick.net
Tue May 21 18:44:46 EST 1996

>  Dear ladis and gentlemen!
>  A friend of me has epilepsy, probably caused by Dioxin, to which he was 
>  exposed some years ago at his working place. He can only get some money, 
>  if he can tell the court, why the Dioxines are still in his body, and how 
> they 
>  are causing neurological problems. He has already asked several 
> neurologists, 
>  but they aren't sure enough for saying anything to the court.
>   Yours Sinceirly,
>   Uta Glatzle,
>     \\\\///           Uta Glatzle,      Marburg, Germany  ~~
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> Uta, The first step for your friend is to find a doctor that is involved in 
> environmental medicine &/or toxicology. My son has been exposed to workplace 
> chemicals and we recently had a 2 hr phone conference for a pre-hearing. My 
> son's physician had no problem explaining in layman's terms why the toxins 
> remain in the body.

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