Toxic substances as a cause for EPILEPSY?

Alexander Moltasov root at seinbazel.infopro.spb.su
Tue May 21 16:19:59 EST 1996

This is Dr. Afanasiev from St. Petersburg. I red your letter regarding 
possible dioxin intoxication of a friend of yours. Dioxin have a general 
toxic action, involving many functional systems of the human body. Of 
course CNS is not exclusion. I would suggest you to apply to the 
International Programme of Chemical Safety (IPCS) which will provide you 
with the detailed information about toxicokinetics and toxicodymanics of 
chronic digoxin intoxication. Anither way is to apply to the Micromedex, 
Inc. company, or to call to your Regional Poison Control Center and to get 
the current references.
I feel that is the best way to get the information about digoxin.
Yours, sencerely,
Vasily Afanasiev, MD
You can reach via e-mail doctor at sara.zia.com
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glatzleu at Informatik.Uni-Marburg.de says...
> Dear ladis and gentlemen!
> A friend of me has epilepsy, probably caused by Dioxin, to which he was 
> exposed some years ago at his working place. He can only get some money, 
> if he can tell the court, why the Dioxines are still in his body, and 
how they 
> are causing neurological problems. He has already asked several 
> but they aren't sure enough for saying anything to the court.
>        Yours Sinceirly,
>        Uta Glatzle,
>    \\\\///           Uta Glatzle,      Marburg, Germany  ~~
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