Chemical allergies

Shane Lord shane at tartarus.uwa.edu.au
Thu May 23 01:09:35 EST 1996

   Hi, I am a third year chemistry student, and as part of a small
  assignment I am to survey people who work in chemistry labs to find out
  if they have ever experienced allergies to chemicals, or know of anyone
  who has. Any help would be much appreciated. The questions are as
  follows :

	1. What was the allergent, and briefly, what were its symptoms ?

	2. Was the cause of the allergic reaction easy to determine?

	3. Did the allergy inhibit the ability to work in the lab, and
	   if so, to what extent?

	4. What actions were taken to overcome these problems and how
           effective were these actions?

	5. Did the allergic reaction occur as a result of an already
	   existing conditioni? (e.g. Asthma)

Again thanks,

Shane Lord
shane at tartarus.uwa.edu.au
lord-s at kultarr.cs.uwa.edu.au

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