Toxic substances as a cause for EPILEPSY?

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>  Dear ladis and gentlemen!
>  A friend of me has epilepsy, probably caused by Dioxin, to which he was 
>  exposed some years ago at his working place. He can only get some money, 
>  if he can tell the court, why the Dioxines are still in his body, and
how they 
>  are causing neurological problems. He has already asked several
>  but they aren't sure enough for saying anything to the court.
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GREEPEACE is just wondering about the dioxin rate in the milk. Why don't
you ask  this association, a file containing all the data concerning
Epilepsy is a very strange illness. That's true that intoxication with
different organic compounds can weaken nervous system, particularly
organic solvants, and so induce different troubles. I know very well this
point, because I'm myself epileptic and I believe it is  due to my work in
a research laboratory.

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