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The following announcement describes useful information for those who
advise undergraduates on career paths. It discusses pre-doctoral and
doctoral training in the sciences.

>HHMI's "Beyond Bio 101" is now on the Web!
>The Howard Hughes Medical Institute has published a new book
>"Beyond Bio 101: The Transformation of Undergraduate Biology
>Education." You will find "Beyond Bio 101" in its entirety on
>the Web at:
>The book is also available in a free, 88-page, full-color print version,
>which you can request online by using the convenient order form
>at this Web site. Both the print and online versions are filled with
>original reporting and lively graphics. They explore the many
>changes taking place in undergraduate biology education and offer
>a wide variety of useful ideas and contacts for biology educators.
>I hope you find "Beyond Bio 101" interesting and informative.
>Steffanie Lynch
>link2hhmi at drwebby.com
>(804) 739-0165 phone
>(804) 739-6059 fax
>Web outreach coordinator for "Beyond Bio 101"
>To order a free printed copy of "Beyond Bio 101," visit the Web site,
>http://www.hhmi.org/BeyondBio101, or send an e-mail request with
>your name, title, and mailing address to: commpub at hq.hhmi.org
>For a press release and other information on "Beyond Bio 101,"
>contact the editor, David Jarmul, at
>the Howard Hughes Medical Institute
>jarmuld at hq.hhmi.org
>(301) 215-8857

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