Teeth as radiation detectors

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Yes, teeth can be used as a dosimeter (and have...). TLD is one method, but has some problems.
Another is the use of a technique called ESR, using the eletron spin of long lived free radicals
left in the enamal as dose dependent monitors. And then there is a in situ method that has been
developed using photo luminesence.

Anyway, a good document search in medline or other journal indexes will give you plenty of
references. At our home page is a link to Barry Pass in Canada who has done some work in this area.

goto:  http://www.sph.umich.edu/~bbusby/spec.htm

and look under dosimetry.

-Bruce Busby

aq12 at cornell.edu (Antonio Quiñones) wrote:

>I am posting to these two news groups hoping that someone out 
>there wil have an answer or direction regarding my question.
>I am somewhat familiar with the use of thermoluminescent detectors 
>(TLDs) to passively detect ionizing radiation with specially designed 
>crystals. However, I believe I read (quite a while ago) that teeth, in 
>their structure, can also store a "record" of ionizing radiation dose in 
>a manner analogous to TLDs.  I have been unsuccesful in locating 
>the source of this information.
>Does anyone have any knowledge of this?  Specifically, of the use 
>of teeth to develop a retrospective record of ionizing radiation 
>Many thanks
>Antonio Quiñones
>aq12 at cornell.edu

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