Teeth as radiation detectors

Antonio Quiñones aq12 at cornell.edu
Sat Nov 16 21:56:51 EST 1996

I am posting to these two news groups hoping that someone out 
there wil have an answer or direction regarding my question.

I am somewhat familiar with the use of thermoluminescent detectors 
(TLDs) to passively detect ionizing radiation with specially designed 
crystals. However, I believe I read (quite a while ago) that teeth, in 
their structure, can also store a "record" of ionizing radiation dose in 
a manner analogous to TLDs.  I have been unsuccesful in locating 
the source of this information.
Does anyone have any knowledge of this?  Specifically, of the use 
of teeth to develop a retrospective record of ionizing radiation 

Many thanks

Antonio Quiñones
aq12 at cornell.edu

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