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>If my memory serves me correctly, two chemical agents - paraquat and
>diquat - may be of interest to you.  Perhaps this effect was discovered
>among illicit drug users who inhaled significant quantities of these
>agents.  Discovery of these agents started a flood of research on the
>mechanism of action and the disease - genesis processes.
>I would assume that any recent toxicology text or Toxline would provide
>further information.  
>If further help is urgently needed, you can call me at the number given

I have a vague memory of a biochemistry seminar where it was pointed out that 
a contaminant in designer drugs caused parkinson-like symptoms. It worked by 
inactivating mitochondria, those in one particular part of the brain were 
particularly susceptible. It's quite possible that a pesticide could have the 
same effect, though someone would have to have looked for it.

If anyone on the neurology group knows more about tis please e-mail me.

>On Fri, 15 Nov 1996, WB wrote:

>> Does anyone have information on reseach done connecting Parkinsons
>> Disease to persons having been subjected to heavy doses of pesticides
>> over prolonged period of time?
>> Such research is in existence -
>> Any ideas where to direct this inquiry, what group, what university?
>> A good friend of mine got stricken suddenly, totally healthy till then..
>> Suspect: living in an apartment building which was being fumigated on a
>> continuing basis for two months. Tests were performed on his clothing,
>> air filters etc., showing heavy deposits of the chemical compounds used
>> (which were isolated and are known to have detrimental effects on the
>> neurological system).
>> The man needs help - any directions would be very, very much
>> appreciated.
>> werner42 at icanect.net

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